Nutrition is more than just eating right. To achieve wellness and maintain the right balance between good food and good mental and physical health, you need an environment which is conducive to healthy living. Lean Menu is an ecosystem where all ideas healthy converge. My effort here, is to create a healthier world around you. No fads, no deprivation, no starvation. Lean Menu will inform you, update you and empower you to make all the right choices when it comes to your health and wellness.


Good food has a healing and nourishing power. A healthy relationship with food is key to a healthy life. I believe there is no healthier substitute for home-cooked food. It helps you exercise greater control over the ingredients and nutrients and avoid food allergies and sensitivities. But if you feel that home-cooked cannot be tasty, allow me to dispel that myth for you. Here are some of my favourite recipes that you can include in your diet and reap its health benefits.


About to step out? Well, why should that be an excuse to binge on something unhealthy that disrupts your routine? Here is a selection of menus and events that you can choose from and maintain your lifestyle.


Fitness shouldn’t be a task which ends up becoming a burden on you. To stay fit and healthy, you don’t need to do engage in extremely strenuous activities. Here are some easy-to-do activities that shall keep you healthy and stay fit.


Stay updated and stay informed. Here’s my take on the world of health and nutrition.